National Qualification

National Qualification (R.T.O)

Netgain is a registered Training Organisation No. 3867 and have two qualifications on the scope of registration. Both these Certificates are delivered over a 26-week period with initial classroom based delivery and then onsite workplace delivery.

BSB42615- Certificate IV in New Small Business consists of 10 modules

  • BSBSMB401 Establish Legal and Risk management requirements of Small Business
  • BSBSMB402 Plan Small Business Finances
  • BSBSMB403 Market the Small Business
  • BSBSMB404 Undertake Small Business Planning
  • BSBADM409 Coordinate Business Resources
  • BSBMKG401 Profile the Market
  • BSBRES401 Analyse and Present Research Information
  • BSBSMB301 Investigate Micro Business Opportunities
  • BSBMKG419 Analyse Consumer Behaviour
  • BSBSMB413 Design a Digital Action Plan for Small Business

BSB30315- Certificate III in Micro Business Operations consists of 10 modules

  • BSBCUS301 Deliver and Monitor a service to customers
  • BSBFIA301 Maintain Financial records
  • BSBSMB301 Investigate Micro Business opportunities
  • BSBSMB302 Develop a Micro Business proposal
  • BSBSMB303 Organise Finances for the Micro Business
  • BSBSMB304 Determine resource requirements for the Micro Business
  • BSBSMB305 Comply with regulatory, taxation and insurance requirements for the Micro Business
  • BSBSMB306 Plan a Home based Business
  • BSBSMB403 Market the Small Business
  • BSBWOR301 Organise Personal work priorities and development
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