New Business Assistance with NEIS

What is New Enterprise Incentive Scheme?

The New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (NEIS) is an Australian government funded program which assists in developing self- employment through developing a business idea into running your own business.

NEIS also creates secondary employment. For every 10 NEIS businesses, on average, a further 8 new jobs are created.

How NEIS works

1. Application Process

  • You can apply directly by calling TOLL FREE on 1800 356 400 or EMAIL:
  • Once you have completed the applications Netgain will contact you for an interview to discuss your Business idea.
  • You may be requested to conduct a feasibility study to assess further your potential Business viability
  • As there are limited places in the course not all applications will proceed through to acceptance.
  • Once you have been formally accepted into the program via an acceptance letter, you then enter the first phase of the classroom based training.
  • Applications are available on the right to download

2. Initial Classroom Based Training

  • You will commence your Initial Classroom based training in BSB42615- Certificate IV New Small Business
  • During this period you will be required to complete a Business Plan and Financial modelling of your Business idea.
  • This Business plan will then be assessed for acceptance onto the NEIS contract.

3. NEIS Contract

  • During this period, you will receive mentoring for 52 weeks and will be required to discuss and report on your Business at least once a month.
  • Where applicable the NEIS allowance will be received for 39 weeks.
  • Where applicable Rental assistance will be received for the 26 weeks.

NEIS Course Dates

Geelong – 3rd February 2020

Ballarat – 10th February 2020

Shepparton – 13th January 2020

Wangaratta – 16th January 2020

Seymour – 5th February, 15th April 2020

For new NEIS applicants

For exisiting participants

See a case study of NEIS working with a startup

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